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 Consulting for almost three decades,

TBHI will quickly identify what you need,

help you develop your strategic plan,

and immediately improve your revenue cycles.

Yes! The TBHI Consulting Firm Can Help You

Whatever your telehealth setting, the TBHI telehealth consulting firm has the experience to help you organize, prioritize and maximize your telehealth services to augment existing medical or behavioral programs.

Why Trust Us?

We and our extensive network of telehealth specialists have been researching, writing, training, and consulting for decades. Our Founder, Marlene Maheu, PhD, is a world-class telehealth pioneer. TBHI training has been deployed in 109 countries to over 55,000 providers.


  • Business plan development, including how to scale into other states and countries

  • Telehealth policy writing and vetting
  • Reimbursement – what, when, where, and how to increase revenue

  • Cybersecurity & current HIPAA compliance

  • Hardware and software selection & implementation

  • How to handle reluctant staff, tight budgets & timelines

  • State and federal licensing, regulations & credentialing

  • Clinical documentation & compliance

  • Preventing and handling emergencies
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